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Smart Home

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Security you control from anywhere

New technologies allow unparalleled mobility. With portable communication tools always at hand such as a computer, an iPhone, Android or an iPad tablet, Playbook or other derivatives, a multitude of possibilities are available to you to remotely control the management of the security. Today, an alarm system can arm and disarm remotely with the touch of a laptop or cell phone keypad, without ever having to move.

Interactive, intelligent and autonomous security.

Protectzone’s mission is to be relentlessly at the forefront of interactive security innovations so you can remotely control your security management WHERE and WHEN you want. But in addition to the management of an alarm or remote monitoring system, you can now access home automation security. Thanks to the high-performance interactive security systems, you can remotely manage heating, air conditioning, lighting, power to electrical outlets and household appliances, locking and unlocking of doors, adjusting the angle surveillance cameras and view video footage WHEREVER you are.


State-of-the-art surveillance system.


No more surprises when you see everything in your home.


Control your home or business with your mobile app.

Avanced Smart home

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Security Protectzone is a compagne located at Montreal, and it has as a priority to offer the most efficient and innovative products and services in terms of security in order to better protect its customers, their families and their property. With Protectzone , you have the best of both worlds, a caring family business with the the largest security central.